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ShenZhong Link to significantly benefit extensive business with BYD: GM of Musashi Auto Parts (Zhongshan)

Takayuki Ooba, the General Manager of Musashi Auto Parts (Zhongshan) Co., Ltd., expressed great enthusiasm about the opening of the ShenZhong Link, highlighting the immense value the infrastructure will bring to their business operations.

Speaking recently with GDToday, Ooba emphasized, "Time is undoubtedly our most precious resource," reflecting on how the new infrastructure will notably enhance their logistical efficiency.

Currently, it takes about four hours to transport goods to BYD Auto's factory in Shenzhen, situated around 200 kilometers away. Ooba projected that with the ShenZhong Link, this transportation time could be reduced by at least one hour. This reduction is expected to significantly cut down on transportation costs, benefiting their extensive business dealings with BYD Auto.

Ooba noted that the shorter travel time will not only save costs but also foster closer relationships with their partners. "With the shorter travel time between the two sides, we can have a closer relationship in the future," he stated, emphasizing the potential for more frequent and efficient collaborations.

Moreover, the ShenZhong Link will facilitate smoother travel for their employees, particularly for those embarking on business trips, whether domestic or overseas. "For our company's employees on business trips, take myself as an example, the shortened travel time to Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport is a very pleasant change," Ooba remarked. This improvement is expected to enhance their business operations across China, as Musashi Auto Parts also has factories in Nantong and Tianjin.

Ooba hinted at the company's future plans, which include expanding beyond the automotive parts industry to other sectors. The ShenZhong Link will be instrumental in establishing more partnerships with enterprises in Shenzhen, an area renowned for its innovative companies and talented workforce.

The general manager also expressed optimism about the ShenZhong Link's impact on recruitment. "The movement of personnel will become more convenient, which can make our recruitment easier," he explained, underlining the broader advantages of this infrastructural development for their business.

Reporter | Eastbrook, Hannah

Video | Eastbrook

Poster | Huo Weilu

Editor | Olivia, Ou Xiaoming, Monica, Hannah

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