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Exciting! The 2024 China (Foshan) Diejiao Dragon Boat Drifting Competition kicks off

On the afternoon of June 8th, the highly anticipated 2024 China (Foshan) Diejiao Dragon Boat Drifting Competition kicked off.

 Dragon boat moved forward quickly.

 The riverside was crowded with spectators. Along the riverbank and in the spectator stands, every seat was filled. Citizens and tourists leaned against the railing, eagerly anticipating the start of the competition. They cheered for the teams and experienced the charm of this traditional event.

 Dragon boat drifted out of the bend.

 Team members rowed furiously

 Drummer Chen Feng led a team to the battle

Following that, the first round of the Diejiao Dragon Boat Drifting Competition commenced, where the contestants will race through an L-shaped bend. Dragon boats surged out from the waterway in front of the Kongda ancestral hall in Shengtang Village. With skilled maneuvering by the paddlers, the dragon boat swiftly navigated the curve, creating rolling waves. Cheers and shouts echoed along the banks as spectators cheered on the competitors.

 The crews turned around

 Dragon boat moved forward quickly.

 The boat hit the stone pier when drifted out of the bend.

 The crews accidentally fell into the water when the boat drifted into the bend.

The race track spans approximately 650 meters in length, featuring a unique "L" shape and challenging stone corners at the bend. Within a river channel approximately four to five meters wide, around forty to fifty robust crew members maneuver dragon boats stretching up to 25 meters, showcasing remarkable drifting skills: swinging around the bend, sudden stops, and quick turnarounds. The paddlers, drummers, and steerers demonstrate seamless coordination, giving it their all.

Source | Yangcheng Evening News

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