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Let’s ask the deputies| How will Guangdong’s plan on manufacturing benefit global investors?

The development of manufacturing will be a major focal point of the development of Guangdong in 2023 and achieve a 5.5 percent of added value of industries above designated size, according to the government work report delivered at the ongoing session of Guangdong People’s Congress.

Now that the government vows to lead in manufacturing and quality, how will Guangdong continue the growth and how will it affect its global partners? Let’s ask the deputies!

More off-line events for global ties in manufacturing sector

“The Guangdong government emphasized its plan to promote investment in the manufacturing industry in its work report, and highlighted the introduction of both foreign and domestic capital. I believe it is a very positive signal for foreign-funded enterprises to enter Guangdong after the pandemic,” said Chen Xinwen, Deputy to 14th Guangdong People’s Congress and Director of Foshan Investment Promotion Bureau.

According to the report, Guangdong will implement incentive measures specially for manufacturing investment, foreign investment and the revised negative list for foreign investment market access. It will also organize exhibitions and investment promotion conference such as the Global Investment Promotion Conference for the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. 

Chen said the Foshan Investment Promotion Bureau will strengthen overseas investment promotion in 2023, saying, “We will organize about 20 delegations to visit our partners and promote projects in Europe and the US while we will hold no less than 100 promotion events targeting major technological and industrial hubs in ASEAN countries and North America.”

Statistics show the industrial added value of Guangdong reached 4.5 trillion RMB in 2021, which ranked first nationwide and accounted for about one eighth of the national total. Moreover, the government has been upgrading the structure of the manufacturing industry with advanced manufacturing and high-tech manufacturing contributing 55 percent and 29.5 percent of added value of industries above designated size.

Chen said Foshan, a major manufacturing city of Guangdong, saw great breakthroughs in foreign investment promotion with a total investment of about 6 billion USD, which is an increase of 243% compared with 2021.

“We will focus on investment promotion in such industries as robotics, new energy vehicles and biomedicine as well as our traditional robust industries including household appliance and ceramics this year,” he said.

Advanced and high-tech manufacturing to get major boost

To boost and improve the quality of manufacturing, the report indicates Guangdong will expand the 8 industries with output value over 1 trillion RMB including the new generation of electronic information, green petrochemistry, smart household appliance and advanced manufacturing. It will also accelerate the promotion of ultra-high-definition video displays, biomedicine and health, and new energy to become new industrial clusters.

Xu Yanming, Deputy to 14th Guangdong People’s Congress and Chairman and President of Zhuhai Cosmx Battery,said Guangdong’s new energy industry, especially the new energy battery industry, develop from a small industry into a pillar industry. The shipments of lithium-ion batteries for notebook computers and tablets of his Zhuhai-based company ranked second in the world.

He elaborated that the battery industrial chain is well-developed in the province. Guangdong-based mobile phone brands such as Huawei, Honor, Oppo, and Vivo as well as new energy vehicle brands including XPENG and BYD have created great demand for batteries while the upstream industry is also top-notch worldwide.

Xu added that the battery industry faces enormous opportunities both at home and abroad considering the growing demand for energy storage and the robust development of new energy vehicles.

Jiang Weikai, Deputy to 14th Guangdong People’s Congress and President of Golden Sea Professional Equipment said he was impressed by the plan to lead in manufacturing and quality and to enhance sci-tech innovation.

Having been in the entertainment technology and semiconductor lighting industry for about 30 years, Jiang understands the importance of high-quality development, saying, “The industry was dominated by the European and US counterparts. After we entered this industry, we continued to invest in R&D and innovation. With years of effort and the strength of the Pearl River Delta talent pool, we have achieved development globally.”

To further high-quality development, the report shows the government will organize a taskforce to improve the quality of products, projects and services, internationalize Guangdong’s standard and support the development of more high-quality products and brands.

Jiang suggested that to lead in manufacturing and quality, the government should improve the R%D capability of the manufacturing industry, facilitate the cooperation between manufacturers, universities and research institutes, and enhance the branding of manufacturing enterprises.

Reported by Jasmine

Video by Axin

Edited by Wing, Jerry

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