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US students’ lion dance illuminates 155th Transcontinental Railroad anniversary

The Golden Spike National Historical Park in Utah witnessed the grand inauguration of the 155th anniversary celebrations marking the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad on May 10, local time.

Students from the local Bennion Jr High School stole the spotlight with their captivating Chinese lion dance performances, adding a touch of cultural vibrancy to the commemoration.

Ethan Tincher, a dedicated student at this school, shared his journey of learning Chinese for eight years and mastering the art of lion dance over four years. Tincher's motivation stemmed from his curiosity about Chinese culture, initially encouraged by his parents in first grade.

Lily Cox, another talented student from Bennion Jr High School, echoed Tincher's enthusiasm, emphasizing her five-year involvement in lion dance. Cox's passion for this art form emerged from its inherent charm and entertainment value.

Michael Marcrum, the school’s instructional coach, highlighted the school's commitment to promoting Chinese culture through programs such as the Chinese Culture Club. Marcrum emphasized the importance of preserving traditional practices, such as lion dance, while also incorporating modern elements.

Reflecting on the significance of the occasion, Marcrum expressed pride in the students' fluency in Mandarin and their dedication to exploring various facets of Chinese culture. He underscored the role of the Chinese Culture Club in fostering a deeper understanding of Chinese traditions, including art and cuisine.

The event not only celebrated a pivotal chapter in American history but also stood as a symbol of cultural exchange and appreciation. With performances resonating across generations, the 155th anniversary celebrations at Golden Spike National Historical Park showcased the timeless allure of Chinese heritage.

Reporter | Hannah, Lydia

Video | Jacky, Ellsworth, Everett 

Editor | Steven, James

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