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Guangdong produced animations shine at the "Oscars of Animation"

On the evening of June 9, the 2024 Annecy International Animation Film Festival opened in Annecy, France, attracting participants from 102 countries. "The Storm" directed by Hangzhou-based Busifan has been shortlisted for the official main competition, the only Chinese animation selected. Additionally, "Chang'an" has been included in the festival's screening section.

The opening ceremony featured the screening of the French animated film "The Most Precious of Cargoes, "which reflected on the brutality of war and the profound love for life and humanity. Other opening animations, "Annecy 2024 Partners Trailer" and "LENCOS DOS NAMORADOS", also received widespread acclaim. Over the seven-day festival, there will be more than 300 film screenings and over 150 offline events. Compared to previous years, this edition features new non-competitive sections such as Annecy Presents and Screening Events. Additionally, a new "XR and Gaming Venue" has been introduced, along with an increased focus on exploring animated films in the realm of the action art. An animated film delegation from Guangdong and the representatives from the province's well-known animation enterprises were invited to attend the opening ceremony.

The promotion of outstanding Chinese animated works will be an official roadshow event of the festival, with more than ten excellent Chinese animated works set to be showcased. Among them, nine productions are from Guangdong. These works not only highlight the beauty of Chinese animation but also aim to explore paths for mutually beneficial cooperation between China's animation industry and their international colleagues.

Three of the largest IPs in China, "Boonie Bears", "GG Bond", and "Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf", originate from Guangdong. "Fantawild, Winsing, and GDAlpha, the companies behind these major IPs, have brought new series to this year's festival, which makes us particularly happy," said Chloé Rui Guo, the official exclusive representative of China at the Annecy International Animation Film Festival and the President of CHLOE G. CULTURE. She told GDToday that she had participated in last year's China International Cartoon and Animation Festival in Dongguan and was impressed by the strength of Dongguan's animation merchandise industry. She noted that Guangdong is not only strong in animation production but also in the creation and manufacturing of derivative products, making it a great representative of provinces in China.

"We are delighted and honored that through our film selections, other countries can gain a better understanding of international animation through our festival," said Dominique Puthod, Honorary President of the Annecy International Animation Film Festival and former Mayor of Annecy, in an interview with GDToday. He praised the Guangdong animations showcased at the festival and suggested that there could be more possibilities for "Guangdong sparks" in the festival's future, such as promoting Annecy's selected films at Guangdong film festivals to foster dialogue and exchange.

In an interview with GDToday, Mickaël Marin, President of the Annecy International Animation Film Festival, emphasized that cooperation is the essence of an animation film festival in the market. "China is an important country for animation now. I have been to Guangzhou several times and have observed that Chinese animation is getting better and better. So, I think that in the future we can have collaboration (with Guangdong)."

Reported by Chen Xiani and Guo Hongda from GDToday in Annecy, France.

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