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2024 drones illuminate Guangzhou to celebrate Chinese New Year

On the evenings of February 12th and 13th (the third and fourth days of the Chinese New Year), the 2024 Spring Festival drone performance will be held at the Guangzhou Haixinsha Asian Games Park.

The dazzling drone light show on February 12th featured 2024 drones creating a magnificent 400-meter-long, 250-meter-wide, and 300-meter-high spring scenery picture above the sky in Guangzhou.

Guangzhou is set to host a series of New Year celebrations until the end of February, featuring more than 2,500 cultural and tourism activities categorized into six main categories: festive fireworks, spring outings and flower viewing, trendy leisure activities, diverse cultural performances, colorful exhibitions, and New Year's gift packages, showcasing the city's rich festive atmosphere.

Subsequently, the drones depicted heartwarming scenes of families visiting relatives and friends, with children holding windmills while being carried on adults' shoulders as they stroll through the flower streets.

Reporter | Clarice

Video | Liang Jucong, He Zhihao, Ou Xiaoming

Photo | Liang Jucong

Editor | Nan, Monica

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