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Celebrate CNY in GD's flower markets with expats

As the Chinese New Year approaches, the vibrant energy within the flower markets in Guangzhou thrives and creates a festive vibe for locals. On February 7, GDToday invited dozens of expats who celebrate the Chinese New Year in Guangdong to participate in a treasure hunt game in the Yuexiu Flower Market.

The participants purchased their favorite New Year goods, enjoyed fresh flowers, and invited global friends to experience an authentic Canton-style New Year in Guangdong.

"Our mission was to get the most romantic flower for the Chinese New Year. And that's why we bought this one," Salomao and his wife excitedly shared with GDToday reporters the peach blossoms they had just purchased. In Guangdong, peach blossoms symbolize romantic love or the hope of meeting the right person in the coming new year. "I hope it will bring us a lot of love this year," they laughed.

Three friends from New Zealand hoped to buy a New Year flower that signifies "five generations under one roof." They accurately identified the yellow lemon-like plant by noticing the Chinese character "五" (literally means five). "There are fruits of different sizes growing on one branch, big ones, small ones, as if five generations are living under the same roof," Kent from New Zealand introduced.

Currently, all cities in Guangdong are celebrating the upcoming Chinese New Year with abundant celebration activities. The traditional "Visit Flower Street, Obtain Good Fortune" spectacle in Guangzhou is in full swing, with the renowned Yuexiu Xihu Flower Market in the spotlight. The festivities have kicked off and will continue until February 10, the first day of the Lunar New Year.

Guangdong province welcomes friends from all over the world to spend a splendid Chinese New Year in Guangdong!

Reporter | Ariel, Holly, Abby, Alice, Hannah

Video | Guan Jieming, Eastbrook, Wingheng

Poster | Mia

Editor | Olivia, Nan, Monica, Ou Xiaoming, James

He Yixin, He Shangkui, Ou Jiahui, and Liu Yi also contributed to this article.

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