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Technology is driving cultural presentation to unprecedented heights: Director Sha Xiaolan

Editor's Note: The 2023 Beijing Culture Forum, the second of its kind, will kick off in the Chinese capital on September 14. The two-day event focuses on advancing fine culture and promoting exchanges and will see a main forum, five sub-forums, and several related cultural activities. GDToday is presenting a series of interviews with cultural celebrities to give you a glimpse of the upcoming forum and the latest cultural developments in China.

Renowned director and producer Sha Xiaolan said, “Technology is driving cultural presentation to unprecedented heights. From digital inheritance to cross-border platform, technology has redefined the communication, creation, and experience of culture, paving the way for entirely new possibilities.” Sha Xiaolan is also the Chief Director and Chief Producer of Hangzhou Asian Games Opening Ceremony.

Digital content streamlines cultural dissemination, while AR and VR technologies deepen the immersion of cultural experiences. AR technology is gradually finding its way into innovative fields, becoming part of cultural creativity. Citing the closing ceremony of the Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games as an example, Sha said, “We used the imagery of the willow twig to bid farewell to athletes of the world in China’s own romantic way.”

Sha also pointed out that, “Every cultural exchange event we hold serves as a platform for the common development of nations worldwide that showcases their elegance, deepens understanding and fosters friendships.”

Reporter: Monica

Editor: Olivia, Nan, James

Video provided to GDToday

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