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Guangdong installed a record-breaking deepwater jacket structure

Recently, after 16 hours of continuous construction operations, Asia's first deepwater jacket structure, known as "Haiji-2," designed and built independently by China, was slid into the waters of the Pearl River Basin and precisely positioned.

This achievement has set multiple Asian records of deepwater construction in terms of water depth, height and weight, marking China' sworld-class levels in key technologies and installation capabilities for deepwater jacket structures.

"Haiji-2" will be used as foundation to construct and install a ten thousand tons offshore drilling platform. In the future, it will stand firmly in this location for 30 years, enduring various tests of typhoons and adverse sea conditions, continuously transporting deep-sea oil and gas to countless households, and providing strong support for ensuring national energy security.

"Haiji-2" was manufactured at the construction base of COOEC-Fluor Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. The installation of "Haiji-2," will be followed by subsequent construction operations such as underwater piling and upper block installation.

Once completed, it will be paired with Asia's first cylindrical "offshore oil and gas processing facility" and operated by China's first deepwater oil field, Liuhua oilfield, providing a brand-new option for the efficient development of China's deepwater oil and gas fields.

Planner | Cao Si

Coordinator | Zhang Zhe, Liu Zikui, Li Hengdan

Text | Li Hengdan, Deng Wei, Clarice

Video | Zhang Ruiwei, Chen Mingji, Wingheng

Video Editor | Xie Miaofeng, Ou Xiaoming

English Editor | Nan, Will, James

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