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ShenZhong Link lowers business cost and helps businesses to tap in international markets

The opening of the ShenZhong Link has ignited numerous new development opportunities for businesses in Zhongshan, as evidenced by the views and experiences shared by local leaders and entrepreneurs.

Jason Yang, Director of Public Relation Department of Akeso Biopharma Co., Ltd., highlighted the company's international reach, whose products are manufactured in Zhongshan and are now poised to efficiently access global markets via the Link and Shenzhen's international airport, underscoring the Link's role in enhancing the city's export capabilities.

Sherman, Deputy General Manager of Express Luck, emphasized the company's export-oriented status, with 100% of products destined for overseas markets. He noted that the opening of the Link provides additional customs port options, crucial during peak seasons when container availability and port congestion can become critical issues. This new route offers a strategic alternative for logistics, ensuring smoother export operations.

Jason Xu, General Manager of Guangdong Huapu Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., anticipates significant cost savings on production management and logistics following the Link's opening. The company expects to reduce costs by over 15% compared to the time they operated in Shenzhen, a figure that resonates with businesses looking to enhance competitiveness through optimized cost management.

Alston Fan, Deputy General Manager of Shenzhen YueShen Industry Development Co., Ltd., said that they are actively developing an international order platform. By integrating overseas orders, the platform aims to bring more business opportunities for local enterprises to venture abroad, leveraging the Link as a conduit for international trade and exchange.

Jiang Bin, Director of the Urban Renewal and Construction Service Center, Xiaolan Town, points out that industries such as hardware, lighting, printing, and packaging are closely linked with Shenzhen's high-end industries. The ShenZhong Link is expected to attract segments of the industry seeking higher industrial support or looking to optimize labor costs, with the Intelligent Industrial Park in Xiaolan standing out as a model for this symbiotic relationship.

As the ShenZhong Link forges ahead, it promises to be more than an infrastructural advancement; it also offers businesses robust support for growth, cost efficiency, and international engagement, heralding a new era of prosperity for the region.

Reporter | Guo Chuhua

Video | Guo Hongda

Editor | Nan, Will, James

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