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Song Dynasty's Tea Art meets Fiji's Kava: Friendship in Pot and Bowl

"You can't live without tea for a day." In the extensive history of China, tea has a deep and rich heritage. On this day, host Vivian Ma invites Dr. Yok Yee Chan, Consul General of the Republic of Fiji in Shanghai, to experience Diancha, a Song Dynasty's tea art and a world-class intangible cultural heritage. They prepare Song-style tea and experience the elegance of this tradition. Under the guidance of Huang Jianhong, an inheritor of the Song Dynasty Diancha skills, can they successfully replicate the art of Diancha from that era? During the tea fighting, the three ladies discuss the mysterious " Mr Snow." Who is he, and why is he of interest? 

After the tea session, Dr. Yok Yee Chan hosted a unique kava ceremony for the host, experiencing the mystical tribal culture of the South Pacific. What kind of magical taste experience will the unique kava drink bring? How did the traditional Fijian dance performance bring the host thrilling and heart-pounding moments?

In "The Amazing Heritages——Song Dynasty's Tea Art meets Fiji's Kava: Friendship in Pot and Bowl," let's come together over tea and share a drink with friends!

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