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Spring Festival in Shenzhen: The blooming of festival flowers

Spring Festival is just around the corner. The city of Shenzhen is already buzzing with excitement and festive cheer.

Buying flowers to celebrate the Chinese Spring Festival is a tradition for the Chinese people, as flowers can bring good luck through their symbolic meanings and languages.

For example, moth orchids, which look like butterflies, can last from two to six months when they bloom. Therefore, they represent longevity and happiness. 

And the Chinese sacred lily, if blooming during the Chinese New Year, will bring people extra fortune. People usually take them home and grow them by themselves to wait for the blooms. So it also represents prosperity and good fortune. 

What kind of flowers attract Shenzhen people the most? Nanfang Daily's reporter Cai Minling is in the Futian district, the center of Shenzhen, to tell you more.

Co-presented by Nanfang Daily and GDToday

Reporter | Cai Minling

Video | Wangwei, Xie Haoran, Ou Xiaoming

Editor | Nan Hu, Will, Lydia Liu

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