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Folk culture event in Guangzhou's Liwan impresses Brazilian tourist

On April 11, the 14th "Litchi Bay, New Xiguan" folk cultural event kicked off at Renwei Temple, Liwan District. Pantang villagers participated in folk activities such as processions, blessings, lion dances, village tours, and blessing banquets, carrying on the tradition of mutual support and traditional folk culture among Pantang clans.

Alberto, a Brazilian tourist who planned to go to the Canton Fair, was attracted by the parade. He said, "I am impressed by the red dragon of the parade and happy to enjoy the joyful atmosphere of celebration. It is lucky for me to join the event."

Reporter | Clarice, Wingheng

Video | Wingheng, Clarice

Video Editor | Xie Miaofeng, Ou Xiaoming

English Editor | Nan, Abby, James

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