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Map of delicacies at Yuexiu Temple Fair

The 2023 Yuexiu Temple Fair is currently underway at Zhongyou Square in Chenghuang Temple and the surrounding area in Guangzhou, which will last until February 12.

Over 30 food stalls are set up on Huifu East Road, featuring international and domestic specialities, especially snacks of Guangdong, such as Shunde double-skin milk, charcoal-grilled oysters, milk tea,  crispy coffee-flavor egg tart, and Jun'an steamed pork.

Are you tempted by these delicacies? On February 9, Macy M, artist from Emperor Entertainment Group, and her friend Kasper Chen tried many Cantonese cuisines at this gourmet event. Let's follow them to taste these delicacies!

Reporter: Monica, Guo Haoqi, Guo Guo, Holly

Editor: Wing, Steven, Jerry

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