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Video | Dragon Boat Festival in Nanhai District's Diejiao: 'Fast and Furious' and 'Feast of Ten Thousand People'

Drifting, it's not just about vehicles. In Diejiao, it's all about dragon boats! Typically, when people think of dragon boat races, they imagine the races taking place on wide waterways, with straight-line sprints. However, uniquely in Diejiao, a 25-meter-long dragon boat races through narrow channels just two to three meters wide, dashing forward through bends and under bridges. The waves created are akin to the dust kicked up on a racetrack, scattered in all directions.

In order to promote the dragon boat culture of Diejiao to a wider audience, this year, Diejiao launched the Dragon Boat Culture Carnival. From June 8th to 10th in the evenings, visitors can participate in a nighttime dragon boat excursion where five active dragon boat team members teach them how to paddle. Visitors can also experience the drifting racecourse of Diejiao's dragon boats, partake in the traditional disembarking ceremony, capture the nighttime scenery illuminated by lights in the water town, and feel the power of teamwork while paddling alongside teammates. Upon returning ashore, visitors can explore the Dragon Boat Culture Exhibition Hall to learn about the origin, development, and modern inheritance of dragon boats, immersing themselves in this ancient yet vibrant cultural heritage.

On the day of the Dragon Boat Festival, there is also the "Feast of Ten Thousand People" event in Diejiao. Liang Wentao, also known as the "Male Hestia," from Hong Kong, will make an appearance at the dragon boat checkpoint, and join visitors from around the country to taste the authentic dragon boat feast of Diejiao. The feast is of "national level" standard.

After enjoying the thrilling and exhilarating dragon boat drifting race and indulging in the "Feast of Ten Thousand People" of Diejiao, visitors can also personally board a dragon boat. Surrounding the area, there are unique Chinese-style markets and various exhibitions. Diejiao also offers various activities and games, where citizens and tourists can purchase traditional handicrafts and specialty snacks, immersing themselves in a dual feast of visual and gustatory delights.

It's worth noting that this year, newly launched dragon boat building blocks that can be customized in different sizes and decorations have gained popularity among the public. They offer the enjoyment of DIY decoration for dragon boats, and their price is affordable.

Source | Yangcheng Evening News

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