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GDToday on Spot | Asian Games falls on China’s National Day, and delegation said these words to China...

The schedule of the 19th Asian Games has reached the halfway point.  In addition to competing on the match fields, delegations from various countries and regions also strolled around Hangzhou's scenic spots in their spare time.

KHWAJA HASHMATULLAH RASA, chief of the Mission of Afghanistan NOC has been to China many times. He has visited Beijing, Tianjin and Macao before.

This is the first time for him to visit Hangzhou. This beautiful city impressed him deeply. He said, "I always meet good people here. The Hangzhou Asian Games makes me very excited. China always organizes sports events beautifully and successfully."

SYED FADZIL BIN SYED ABDULLA, a technician from Malaysia, came to China for the first time. He told GDToday reporter that China is completely different from what he imagined. "The people here are very friendly and the city is beautiful. Please come to China."

While the Asian Games meets China’s National Day this year, BATYR TULEUSH athlete from Kazakhstan express his gratitude in excitement, saying, “Thanks all the Chinese people, because we get a lot of emotions here. For China, we love you from Kazakhstan.”

Reporters: Steven Yuen, Alice Fung reported from Hangzhou

Editor: Wing Zhang

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