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New Year’s Eve in Guangdong- delicacy and blessing

Today (January 21) is Chinese Lunar New Year’s Eve, which is a great time for family members to reunite and start the Year of Rabbit together. The most ritual thing to do at this special occasion is to have New Year’s Eve dinner.

Guangdong cuisine is very popular worldwide.

For their reunion dinner, some people might have poon choi which is a dish filled with layers of various ingredients, including chicken, abalone, prawns, scallops, mushrooms and carries the wishes of "perfect" and "full of fortune". Some might have the classic white cut chicken as the saying goes, "no chicken, no feast". While others might have the steamed fish meaning their business will grow and be profitable.

Chinese New Year's Eve dinner is all about gathering.

Reported by Wang Yongxing, Jasmine

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