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Enjoy the view of Guangzhou Cantonese Opera House

The new Guangzhou Cantonese Opera House will be opened in the Zhujiang New Town of Guangzhou by the end of this year.

There will be a 1,200-seat hall, a 500-seat hall, three 60-seat small halls, a cultural activity center and a large outdoor tea room inside. The Opera House will be connected to the adjacent Hung Sin-nui Arts Centre through a corridor, and the two buildings will share resources such as performances and exhibitions.

The Opera House will be connected to the Hung Sin-nui Arts Centre through corridors, using an integrated design to achieve resource sharing for performances, exhibitions and exchanges. 

Hung Sin-nui, born in Guangzhou, was a Cantonese Opera performing artist and the founder of the Hung school performing arts of Cantonese Opera. In her career of more than 70 years, she performed nearly 100 Cantonese Operas and shot nearly 100 films, shaping the artistic images of various women at home and abroad.

Now, follow our lens to have a look at this beautiful new cultural landmark!

Atuhor | Alice

Editor | Wing, Olivia, Monica, Jerry

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