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When Lingnan dragon boat drum encounters Jazz

The resonant sounds of dragon boat drums signify the arrival of dragon boat season in Guangdong. Various breathtaking dragon boat races are now taking place across the province, in celebration of the Dragon Boat Festival, which falls on June 10 this year.

As one of the most essential elements of dragon boat races, the dragon boat drum not only sets the rowing rhythm but also ignites the enthusiasm of the audience and creates a festive vibe.

What will happen when such an adrenaline-pumping drumbeat meets jazz music? Joe Longardner, a saxophonist from the US, combines saxophone, hand drum, and the rhythm of the dragon boat drum, offering a unique musical interpretation of the Dragon Boat Festival and Lingnan culture.

Reporter: Holly

Video: Joe Longardner, Jack

Poster: Lulu

Editor: Olivia, Monica, Will, Ou Xiaoming, James

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