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Russian sinologist Kirill Solonin: Cultural heritage should be carried out through modern means

"The heritage is alive, and there should be new ways to transmit it. So, from this perspective, I'm completely sure that the promotion of Chinese culture, or of any culture for that matter, should be carried out through modern means," said Kirill Solonin from Russia, a Professor at the School of Chinese Classics, Renmin University of China at the 2023 Beijing Culture Forum on September 15.

Solonin said that due to the common origin of humanity, there is the possibility and even necessity of mutual understanding or interaction, which is manifested in cultural exchange. The Forum, in his opinion, offers a chance to discuss these points in terms of the essentiality and importance of cultural exchanges, which seldom happens in other places.

Speaking of the inheritance and promotion of Chinese culture nowadays, Solonin believes that contemporary channels should be emphasized—not just digitization, but also the modern forms of culture like Chinese movies and modern music.

"At least, what is more important, these are those forms or venues which are much more welcomed by younger generations," he added, "Let's see if we promote, for example, another edition of Confucius Analects, it will be overly popular among the general audience. Whereas Chinese rock music, for example, might work much better in this respect."

Reporter: Monica, Holly

Video: Monica, Jimmy, Qin Shaolong

Editor: Wing, Olivia, Nan, James

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