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Communication and cooperation promote peace and stability: Azerbaijani sinologist

Editor's Note: The 2023 Beijing Culture Forum, the second of its kind, will kick off in the Chinese capital on September 14. The two-day event focuses on advancing fine culture and promoting exchanges and will see a main forum, five sub-forums, and several related cultural activities. GDToday is presenting a series of interviews with cultural celebrities to give you a glimpse of the upcoming forum and the latest cultural developments in China.

“What the world urgently needs now is communication and cooperation through which we can promote peace and stability,” said Agshin Aliyev, PhD, Head of the Azerbaijani Language Department at the School of Asian Studies, Beijing Foreign Studies University.

Agshin Aliyev came to China in 2001 as a foreign student. The biggest change for him is now he is a teacher instead of a student. In the last 10 years, Aliyev has experienced many firsts, for example, when the Azerbaijani language was added as a new major at BFSU. He also made his first attempt at translation and became a sinologist. He is impressed by what China has achieved in education, culture, and digital application during the past decade.

“I hope that after graduation, my students can be cultural ambassadors bridging between China and Azerbaijan,” said Aliyev.

Reporter: Monica

Editor: Olivia, Nan, James

Video provided to GDToday

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