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In 2012, during my fifth year of elementary school, my grandmother passed away. My usually taciturn grandfather surprised me one day by saying, "It's been so long that she hasn't visited me in a dream."

Those words stayed with me for a long time. As I grew older and became more observant, I gradually realized the deep connection between the world of the living and the realm of the departed, especially for the land that nurtured me and the elders. At that time, I was just a child with a limited concept of life and death, and my grandmother's departure was my first experience of losing a close relative. 

Later, I went to Beijing for university study. One year, when I returned home, I was met with a disheartening sight—the once-familiar Tianzhong Village, where I spent my childhood, had undergone significant demolition. A new road cut across its chest, and our old house no longer existed. An intrusive road now dissected its core, erasing the existence of our cherished old house.

Surrounded by hastily constructed buildings, I found myself disoriented in a place I once knew so well. It was a pivotal moment, as I, someone who had long yearned to escape my hometown, felt a sudden desire to weave a narrative intertwined with this vanishing setting.

In 2023, I channeled a lifetime of memories and reflections about my hometown, Chaoshan, into a film titled "Reunited". This project became an effort of love, as I dedicated myself wholeheartedly to its birth. With the blessings of my grandmother and the invaluable support of numerous supporters, we persevered and successfully brought this film to fruition.

I am grateful for this incredible journey and the individuals I crossed paths with, whose impact on my life remains immeasurable despite never having met them face to face. Much like the Han River, the lifeblood of my hometown, this film serves as a reflection of the past and a glimpse into the future.

Source | Yangcheng Evening News

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