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Documentary film "An Isle" released, recording central government’s aid to Hong Kong amid epidemic

On May 26, the documentary film "An Isle", a record of the aid to Hong Kong against the epidemic, was released nationwide. The film records the touching stories of ordinary people during the construction of the Central Government-Aided Emergency Hospital in Hong Kong, witnessing the mutual support between the mainland and Hong Kong.

At the premiere of the film, Chad Cannon, the composer of the film and a well-known American musician, shared his experience in composing for the film. He said that the film moved him very much. "The most important thing for me in this movie is to understand the perspective of the workers in China, people who are giving their bodies and time to help other people", Chad Cannon said, "At the same time, the director's feeling towards these people are so warm, and I think we need warm music. "

In February 2022, at the request of the Hong Kong SAR government, the Communist Party of China Central Committee approved the construction of an emergency hospital in the Lok Ma Chau Loop of Hong Kong when the epidemic situation in Hong Kong was extremely serious. On March 6, the construction started, with 16,000 construction workers from all over China gathered to build a “ark” for life-saving.

On April 20, the construction was completed. In less than two months, the workers finshed this 167,900 sq.m. project. The hospital provided 1,000 negative pressure beds (including 100 ICU beds), 3 operating rooms and all medical and auxiliary functions, and played an important role in Hong Kong during its fight against the epidemic.

Looking back at the Lok Ma Chau Loop a year ago, how did this "life boat" rise from a wasteland? Many Hong Kong youths who watched the film told reporters that in the film, they could learn about the construction process of this "ark“ for life-saving in those "miracle stories" of ordinary people as the hero and heroine, they felt the love and also felt the strong support from the motherland to Hong Kong. 

Reporter | Wing, Wang Yongxing

Video | Qin Shaolong

Subtitle | Wing, Clarice

Editor | Wing, Steven, Monica

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