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Taiwan youth in the GBA | Get closer to traditional Chinese culture in Jieyang

"Today's traditional Chinese cultural experiences, such as the Yingge dance and the green lion dance, are refreshing and thrilling, and we also saw many cultural connections with Taiwan," said Jiang Chengyou from Taiwan excitedly. From July 6 to July 10, the "Taiwan Youth in the GBA" short video event hosted by GDToday was held in Jieyang and Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, where more than 30 youth from Taiwan came to Guangdong for the first time to experience historical imprints and learn about the latest developments in the local automotive industry.

Puning Nanshan Yingge Heritage Base

On July 7, they visited the Puning Nanshan Yingge Heritage Base, De'anli ancient residential buildings, Confucius Temple, City God Temple, and Sun Shuqiang Martial Arts Lion Dance Hall to learn about the intangible cultural heritage and folk traditions of Jieyang.

At the Sun Shuqiang Martial Arts Lion Dance Hall, Taiwan youth applauded the wonderful and dynamic green lion dances, deeply attracted by this folk intangible cultural heritage. "I've seen many familiar places!" Jiang told the reporter that traditional Chinese cultural elements such as the Confucius Temple, lion dance, and City God Temple can also be found in Taiwan, but he saw different forms of presentation in Chaoshan, which made him think about the cultural connection and historical inheritance. "For example, I will go to the Confucius Temple before entrance examinations, and there will be lion dances during festivals. I want to share what I saw and heard in Jieyang with my family and friends when I go back."

Jieyang Xuegong, also known as "Jieyang Confucius Temple," is one of the three major Confucius Temples in Guangdong. It was the highest institution for worshiping Confucius and cultivating students in ancient times, and it is also the largest and best-preserved ancient building complex of its kind in Lingnan, with the most complete supporting buildings.

Confucius Temple

"We have studied the works of Confucius and Mencius since childhood, drawing on their wisdom. I believe students will understand their historical origins, and find our common cultural roots," said Zhang Jianren, Associate Professor of the Department of Information Communication at Asia University.

After watching the stunning Puning Nanshan Yingge dance performance, Fan Yaowei, a student from Asia University, seized the opportunity to actively seek advice from local teachers, practising twirling the short wooden sticks. "It's a rare opportunity to have in-depth exposure to the unique traditional Chinese culture, and I can't wait to share it with my family," Fan said. After the visit, Fan and other "lucky friends" were given Yingge hammers customized by the local Yingge dance troupe as precious souvenirs.

It is reported that the Puning Nanshan Yingge Heritage Base was opened to the public earlier this year, providing a window for residents and tourists to learn about and appreciate the Yingge culture. Puning Yingge was included in the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage list by the State Council in 2006. Nanshan Yingge troupe, performing fast-paced Yingge, is the most representative of Puning Yingge troupes. In 2021, Puning Liushaxi Subdistrict was awarded the title of "Hometown of Chinese Folk Culture and Art" for 2021-2023 by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism due to its Yingge dance, making Nanshan Yingge a shining cultural brand.

In the next three days, these Taiwan youth will also visit PetroChina Guangdong Petrochemical and Refining Green Petrochemical Base, Huilai County Lingang Industrial Park, Guangdong University of Technology (Jieyang), Guangdong Modern High-Tech Fiber Co., Ltd., Haixing Group, Baixin E-commerce Industrial Park, and Shenzhen BYD to learn more about the latest developments of the local automotive industry chain.

Reporters | Catherine, Guo Hongda

Photo | Catherine

Editor | Abby, Monica, Ge Yuting, Xiao Min, James

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