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Tourism top priority of Vanuatu-Guangdong cooperation: Vanuatuan CG in Guangzhou

“Vanuatu and Guangdong are strengthening economic cooperation and trade exchanges. The first priority is tourism,” said Jacques Himford, consul general of the Republic of Vanuatu in Guangzhou, in a recent interview with GDToday in the capital city of south China’s Guangdong province.

“By bringing Chinese tourists to our market, I hope to help ni-Vanuatu earn a living through selling local products and get rid of the suffering caused by the cyclones and COVID-19,” he elaborated.

The Consulate General of the Republic of Vanuatu in Guangzhou opened on June 26, 2023. Himford took office on the same day.

“My father came from Guangdong. Now, I’m representing my country in Guangzhou. I’m very glad to be here,” Himford said.

Reporter | Lydia Liu

Video editor | Wingheng Deng

Cameraman | Zhang Tianxiong, Jimmy Guan, Zhang Qida, Ou Xiaoming

Poster designer | Mia Lai

Editor | Olivia Yang, Steven Yuen, James

Jasmine Yin, Nina Huang, and Sherry Lyn (intern) also contributed to the story.

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