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GDToday lights Canton Tower up to wish Chinese and foreign friends a happy Mid-Autumn Festival

"GD TODAY wishes you a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!"

On the evening of September 27, two days before the Mid-Autumn Festival, GDToday lighted up Guangzhou's landmark Canton Tower to send Mid-Autumn Festival blessings to people all around the world. 

A Mid-Autumn Festival Concert was also held at the Canton Tower. Musicians at home and abroad presented splendid performances to guests and passers-by. The first song was the new version of Cantonese folk music "Colorful Clouds Chasing the Moon", with Chen Weimin, Chairman of Guangdong Guzheng Society, as the artistic director, and Zhang Chenglong in charge of recomposing the classical piece. Solo performances were also displayed, including Corcovado (Quiet Nights Of Quiet Star), New Horse Racing, Red Mole, and Autumn Moon on the Calm Lake.

Through these beautiful music pieces, GDToday and Chinese and foreign artists jointly wish everyone a happy and harmonious Mid-Autumn Festival.

Reporter: Monica, Holly, Ariel, Fanny, Lydia

Video: Eastbrook, Wingheng, Jimmy

Editor: Wing, Nan, James

With the help from He Yixin, Ou Jiahui, He Shangkui, Chen Xiaoyun, Liu Yi, Mia, Lei Yin, Luo Qiqing, Rina & Lina (intern)

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