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Didi at the Hall | Guangdong well-positioned to develop new quality productive forces

The second session of the 14th National People's Congress (NPC) entered its second day on March 6. In this episode, we will talk about a buzzword in this year's session: new quality productive forces.

The term features high technology, high efficiency, and high quality. It has continued to emerge in government meetings and is included in this year's government work report as a word vital for regional and national high-quality growth.

How do the NPC deputies view the new quality productive forces? Guangdong is home to 7.8 million enterprises, with the total number of business entities at the forefront of the country. What are the expectations of entrepreneurs from the province for the development of new quality productive forces? You will find the answers in this video.

Reporter | Liu Xiaodi, Yuan Zixiang, Fang Yuqing (Intern), Chen Jinqing (Intern), Zhi Zhucheng (Intern), Huang Chen (Intern)

Video editor | Deng Yingheng, Guan Jieming

Poster designer | Lai Meiya

Editor | Ouyang Yan, Wei Shen

Zhou Jing (周靖), Wang Yelin, Zhou Jing (周菁), Chen Hanzhang, and Zheng Suxin also contributed to the story.

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