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The Belt and Road Initiative is our future:Georgian journalist

The 14th National People's Congress (NPC)China's national legislatureopened its second annual session on March 5 in Beijing. At the opening meeting, ChinesePremier Li Qiang delivered a government work report on behalf of the State Councilon the implementation of the 2023 plan for national economic and social development and on the 2024 draft plan.

Thousands of journalists around the world are gathering in Beijing to report on the event. In this video, GDToday reporter met her media peer, Eka Gulua, from Georgia, having a talk about what she cares about the “two sessions”. What topics isshe most interested in? How does she think of the Belt and Road Initiative?

Watch the video and check it out.

Reporter | Catherine

Video editor | Ou Xiaoming, Guan Jieming, Axin

Editor | Olivia, Steven, Will

Poster | Mia

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