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Dongguan Dragon Boat Month concludes, Chinese culture sails to world

In Dongguan, the dragon boats has become a vehicle for international cultural exchange. At the 2024 Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (Dongguan) Dragon Boat Invitational Race, held from June 22 to 23, 59 elite dragon boat teams from Greater Bay Area cities and around the world gathered in Dongguan’s Machong Town to compete.

The international open mixed category attracted dragon boat enthusiasts from across the globe, such as the "Soaring Dragon" international student team, the Portuguese National Team, the Russian Ural International Dragon Boat Team, and the British Tidal Waves International Dragon Boat Team.

They crossed borders and gathered in Dongguan to experience the passion and unity of dragon boat racing. For these foreign athletes, the cultural exchange experience was just as meaningful as the competition itself.

Nika, a member of the Russian Ural International Dragon Boat Team studying in Suzhou, participated in the dragon boat costume parade on June 22, wearing a traditional Chinese Han-style outfit. He expressed his deep appreciation for Chinese traditional culture and mentioned that he and his teammates felt very dignified in their Han costumes.

Bobbie, a Cameroonian paddler from the “Soaring Dragon” international student team, said, “Guangdong people are as warm as the weather here.” Through Dongguan’s dragon boat month event, the ancient Chinese cultural tradition was showcased to the world and embraced by international participants.

Reporter: Xie Maishi

Video: Li Jiawei

Photo: Nanfang Plus, Dongguan Plus, Dongguan Release (Official Account)

Editor: Will, James

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