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I like to contribute to popularization of archaeology: Foreign lecturer Goran Durdevic

Editor's Note: The 2023 Beijing Culture Forum, the second of its kind, will kick off in the Chinese capital on September 14. The two-day event focuses on advancing fine culture and promoting exchanges and will see a main forum, five sub-forums, and several related cultural activities. GDToday is presenting a series of interviews with cultural celebrities to give you a glimpse of the upcoming forum and the latest cultural developments in China.

Goran Durdevic, foreign lecturer at Beiwai College, Beijing Foreign Studies University, told us that in the Beijing Culture Forum, we can hear different voices in the culture from different sub-disciplines, different countries, and different experiences and expectations in the culture.

“I’m particularly interested in these parts dedicated to cultural heritage and archeology. Archeologists share their own experiences,” Durdevic said, “So, it could be very enlightening for me actually and for all participants in the forum.”

Durdevic mentioned the documentary called “Charming Landscapes of Beijing”, in which he spoke in Croatian language about hutongs, the Great Canal and the Summer Palace. The documentary was presented on Croatian radio television, their website, and then broadcast on Montenegro radio television in Montenegro, and many Chinese TV stations.

“This is how I try to give information to the Croatian southeastern European audience about China and Beijing city,” Durdevic said, “I like to contribute to this what I call promotion or popularization of archaeology.”

Reporter: Monica

Editor: Olivia, Nan, James

Video provided to GDToday

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