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Let’s ask the deputies| What measures Guangdong has taken for optimization of COVID-19 rules?

China has downgraded its management of COVID-19 and lifted quarantine for inbound passengers since January 8, which has drawn global attention. What measures Guangdong has taken to cope with upcoming challenges in the new phase of COVID response?

Liu Hongmei, Deputy to 14th Guangdong People’s Congress and Vice-president of Guangdong Second Provincial General Hospital, shed light on the topic at the annual session of the 14th Guangdong People’s Congress.

She elaborated the protocol adopted hospitals to treat COVID patients and the measures taken to help provide rural residents with timely treatment. The Guangdong Second Provincial General Hospital also established a multidisciplinary joint diagnosis and treatment model to improve the success rate of treatment.

Reported by Jasmine

Video by Axin

Edited by Wing, Jerry

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