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Solar Term Global Potluck | Major Snow

Major Snow, the 21st solar term on the traditional Chinese calendar, falls around December 7th each year. At the beginning of midwinter, all things begin to hibernate. The spread of cold currents causes a sharp drop in temperature.

It is a tradition in China to eat lamb to nourish ourselves during Major Snow. On the day of Major Snow, the host, Vivian Ma, extends an invitation to Ms. Joyce Lee, Vice President of Guangdong Office, Singapore Chamber of Commerce, to explore Cantonese food and try the intangible cultural heritage dish – Cantonese lamb stew.

In return, Ms. Joyce Lee invites Vivian to visit the Singaporean-inspired China-Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge City. They make the Singaporean local food Bak Kut Teh, enjoy Singapore’s national dish Hainanese Chicken Rice, and discover the cultural origins of Chinese and Singaporean cuisine.

Heavy snow makes us feel cold, but it also cleanses our world. Cold weather makes plants wilt, but it brings snow that signifies a year of good crops. China and Singapore are friendly neighbors across the sea, enjoying time-honored amicable exchanges. It is anticipated that China and Singapore's friendship will flourish and that the two nations will more fully express their vitality.

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