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After the China-US San Francisco summit, we have hope: Former legal adviser in the Carter administration

Chinese President Xi Jinping and his US counterpart Joe Biden recently had a summit meeting at Filoli Estate in San Francisco, US.

During the meeting, Xi noted that China and the US should assume a new vision and build together five pillars for China-US relations, pointing out that the two countries should jointly develop a right perception, manage disagreements effectively, jointly advance mutually beneficial cooperation, jointly shoulder responsibilities as major countries, and jointly promote people-to-people exchanges.

What are the other key takeaways from the summit? How to understand China’s system and its modernization which are different from that of the US? What can we expect from the ‘San Francisco vision’? Harvey Dzodin, former legal adviser in the Carter administration and former director and vice president of the ABC Television in New York, shared his insight in a video interview with GDToday on November 17 from Paris, France.

Reporter | Lydia Liu

Video editor | Qin Shaolong

Video script | Lydia Liu, Zhao Yinqi (intern)

Poster designer | Lu Lu

Editor | Olivia Yang, Steven Yuen, James

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