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7 tips for your resume & interview in China

2018-Jun-19       Source: Newsgd.com

If you're in hope of working with a Chinese company and landing a job position in China, having a professional appearance and highlight skills will be of value to the company.

If you're in hope of working with a Chinese company and landing a job position in China, having a professional appearance and highlight skills will be of value to the company. Interviewers will take into account how fast you respond to questions, how you describe your work ethic and what kind of previous work experience you've held.

Expression skills and proper etiquette all matters to the interviewer. That starting point begins with your resume and a solid interview. Here are 7 tips to help standardize your resume and pass your interview with flying colors.

Polish Your Resume

Get your resume up to date with the proper information. There have free language exchange community websites such as italki.com, where there are friendly native Chinese speakers that will be willing to look over it and give you guidance on your resume.

Use The Ideal Resume Design

Take it upon yourself to take some professional quality photos wearing business attire and a white background to use for future job applications. It would be better to have digital photos and printed passport size photos as well. Typically the photo on an application or resume is placed on the top right or top left corner.

For a good resume structure follow this order sequence:

1.姓名 xìngmíng - Name

2.性别 xìngbié - Sex

3.国籍 guójí - Nationality

4.出生日期 chūshēng rìqí - Date of birth

5.身份证号 shēnfènzhèng hào - Identity number (passport number)

6.邮箱 yóuxiāng - Email

7.联系电话 liánxì diànhuà - Phone number (include the country access code)

8.联系地址 liánxì dìzhǐ - Contact address

9.学历 xuélì - Highest degree attained

10.婚姻状况 hūnyīn zhuàngkuàng - Marriage status

11.求职意向 qiúzhí yìxiàng - Job search objectives

12.教育背景 jiàoyù bèijǐng - Educational background

13.工作经验 gōngzuò jīngyàn - Work experience

14.技能 jìnéng - Skills

15.语言能力 yǔyán nénglì - Foreign language ability (list all languages you know and their respective proficiency levels)

16.自我评价 zìwǒ píngjià - Self-evaluation

Get Out Front

It's important to be a quick responder and submit your resume within the first wave of applicants. Although you may be very qualified for the job, you will lose out by allowing other applicants to apply for the same job 3 days before you. When the interview process starts up, you want to be first in line.

Deliver A Good First Impression

Do research on the company to show your interest in the position and establish some kind of familiarity with the company. If applying for a job where using Chinese is a requirement, it's important to lead with Chinese Mandarin. This will automatically confirm your ability rather than waiting for them to ask, "What's your level of Chinese?".

Display Great Qualities

Nowadays, phone and Skype interviews are often done as a pre-screening method or a first interview meeting. During calls, it's important to sound upbeat and confident to show positive character. Sounding sleepy or looking sleepy during your call and video chat will reduce your chance for hire, as well as fumbling your speech too much due to nervousness.

Prep From All Angles

Depending on which professional job you are applying for, you may need to take a test, perform a demonstration or provide work samples. Ensure your documents are neatly filed, digitally or in a document folder. Go over any presentations, practice asking and answering certain questions you think you will be asked to increase your comfort level.

Brush Up On Your Chinese

Prep yourself for the day of the interview. Use formal Chinese and speak at a moderate speed, not too fast or too slow.

You can expect to be asked the following questions:

1. Tell me a little bit about yourself?

Nǐ néng zuò yí ge jiǎndān de zìwǒ jièshào ma?


2. Where did you study Chinese?

Nǐ zài nǎlǐ xué Zhōngwén?


3. Why are you interested in this position?

Zhè fèn gōngzuò xīyǐn nǐ dì dìfāng zàiyú?


4. What can you bring to the job?

Nǐ ruò cānyù cǐ fèn gōngzuò néng wèi wǒmen dài lái shénme?


5. Why did you leave your previous company?

Nǐ wéi shénme líkāi shàng yì jiā gōngsī?


6. What is your salary expectation?

Nǐ de xīnshuǐ qīwàng shì shénme?


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Editor: Keane Wong

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