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Vibrant spring blossoms adorn South China Agricultural University

With spring in the air, a wide array of flowers, such as cherry blossoms and golden trumpets, are bursting into bloom. At South China Agricultural University in Guangzhou, vibrant spring blossoms give a splash of color in spring. Let’s enjoy the enchanting scenery through the photos below!

Pink and white orchid trees(宫粉羊蹄甲&白花羊蹄甲)form a canopy over the road.

Golden trumpet trees (黄花风铃木) lend a splash of yellow to the city.

Cherry blossoms create a romantic vibe.

Yulan magnolia (玉兰) adds a sense of elegance to spring.

Bougainvillea (勒杜鹃) colors the streets red.

Water lily (睡莲) is swaying in the breeze.

Photo: South China Agricultural University

Author: Ariel, Jessie (intern)

Editor: Nan, Monica, Jerry

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