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What does the first Metaverse Cafe in Guangzhou look like?

The Metaverse is already coming into our lives. Do you know there is a Metaverse Cafe in Guangzhou? It has both fancy technology and delicious coffee, making it a spotlight among the public!

Here, visitors can order a cup of coffee by communicating with Ben, the virtual store manager.

Yan Bing, vice president of WinSing Animation & GM of YMeta Studio said, the cafe is a connection between the virtual and the real, the physical and the digital. She believes that the metaverse is a virtual world, but it is not completely separated from our physical space, and part of the virtual world is a projection of the real world. This is also the reason why this cafe was established. It allows a fusion between the real and the virtual, through which people can "enter" the virtual world.

This cafe is currently not open to public, but is said to have a plan to open with more virtual staff joining soon.

Reporter: Alice, Holly

Editor: Wing, Olivia, Monica, Jerry

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