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Guangzhou's bald cypresses enter "red leaves season"

After blasts of cold air sweeping down from the north, the bald cypress (Taxodium distichum) in Guangzhou has finally entered its "red leaves season"! The best viewing time for red bald cypress will last from this week to early January. People who like nature observations should not miss it.

The bald cypress is a long-lived, pyramidal, and deciduous conifer tree that grows 50 to 70 feet tall and 20 to 30 feet wide. It is native to swamps and rivers, and is noted for the russet-red fall color of its needle-like leaves. In autumn, the leaves first turn yellow, then turn copper red, and finally fall in the cold winter. The lower the temperature, the faster the discoloration. The discoloration process of an entire bald cypress forest will last for about one month, presenting the most beautiful landscape of the year.

In Guangzhou, the best viewing spots for red cypress include South China National Botanical Garden and Yuexiu Park. Yuexiu Park is preferred by most residents for its convenient location in downtown area. While the South China National Botanical Garden has a wealth of tree species, including bald cypress, pond cypress (池杉), Chinese cypress (水松) and the newly planted metasequoia (水杉) in 2022. The vast cypress forest will give visitors a unique viewing experience.

Recommended viewing places:

1. South China National Botanical Garden 华南国家植物园

2. Yuexiu Park 越秀公园

3. Luhu Park 麓湖公园

4. Huangpodong Reservoir in Baiyun Mountain白云山风景区黄婆洞水库

5. Tianhe Wetland Park天河湿地公园

6. Haizhu Wetland海珠湿地

7. Dafushan Forest Park大夫山森林公园

8. Shimen National Forest Park石门国家森林公园

Author: Ariel 

Editor: Wing, Nan, Monica, Will, Jerry

Photo: South China National Botanical Garden

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