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2024 Guangdong Qingyuan Drifting Cultural Tourism Season kicks off

On May 20, 2024, the Guangdong Qingyuan Drifting Cultural Tourism Season and Guangdong Drifting Competition officially kicked off at Gulong Gorge in Qingyuan. The event drew 62 participants from 21 cities across Guangdong and major scenic spots nationwide, offering a thrilling blend of natural beauty and exhilarating drifting.

The opening ceremony of the 2024 Guangdong Qingyuan Drifting Cultural Tourism Season (Photo provided to GDToday)

Integration of rural, cultural, and sports development

The event was attended by key officials such as Wen Wenxing, the Mayor of Qingyuan, and nearly 2,000 visitors. In his opening remarks, Wen Wenxing highlighted the event's importance in promoting Qingyuan as the "Hometown of Drifting in China" and showcasing the unique charm of drifting sports. He emphasized that the event would further stimulate cultural and tourism consumption and promote the integration of rural, cultural, and sports development.

A feast of cultural and tourism activities

The drifting competition featured teams from 21 cities competing on the dynamic Gulong Gorge drifting course. After an hour of intense racing, the Gulong Gorge Team, Qingyuan Team, Bijia Mountain Team, Lianzhou Underground River Team, Xuan Zhen Team, and Lianzhou Huangchuan Three Gorges Team secured the top six positions.

The drifting competition at Gulong Gorge (Photo provided to GDToday)

Distinct from previous competitions, this year's event included professional athletes, teams from national drifting spots, and drifting enthusiasts, adding both competitiveness and entertainment value. A parallel event, the first Drifting Chicken Race, delighted spectators as over 10,000 rubber chickens raced down the river, with the top 200 finishers earning rewards for their owners.

The rubber chickens in the drifting race (Photo provided to GDToday)

A highlight of the season is that the candidates for the Sweet Journey of 100 Global Newlyweds were announced at the event. This initiative invites 100 couples for a romantic adventure in Qingyuan from July 2-5, featuring activities such as drifting, sightseeing, and cultural experiences. These experiences include planting coral vines, which symbolize love and romance in Chinese culture, and visiting centenarians.

To enhance visitor engagement, five Qingyuan drifting sites offered special discounts from May 6-31, with significant price reductions on May 20. Additionally, a unique promotion allowed residents from Northeast China to enjoy free drifting with a valid ID.

The event also included a national dragon boat race and various water sports activities, complemented by limited-time tourism packages. Exhibits showcased Qingyuan's agricultural products, tourism resources, intangible cultural heritage, and local cuisine, providing a comprehensive cultural and tourism experience.

Reporter: Nick

Editor: Nan, Will, James

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