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Guangdong tea gains great popularity in Malaysia

On August 29, a promotion event featuring tea from China's Guangdong kicked off at the Chan She Shu Yuen Clan Association, Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. A number of representative teas from Guangdong, including Chaozhou Dancong tea, Yingde black tea, Jiangmen Wuyi tea, Meizhou Jiaying tea, Zijinchan tea and Jieyang fried tea, were served to the guests.

The attendees included representatives from Malaysia Tea Association, China Entrepreneurs Association in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur Tea Art Society in Malaysia, Malaysian Chinese Tourism Association, Guangdong-based tea enterprises and Malaysian tea purchasers as well as local tea lovers. They gathered to enjoy the different varieties of Guangdong tea and explore more export opportunities for Guangdong tea.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the Belt and Road Initiative. "This event is a platform to promote Chinese tea with its tea culture," said Zhu Zhiming, an advisor of the Belt and Road ASEAN Central Asia Youth Business Friendship Association. He believed that the export of Guangdong tea to Malaysia showed the deepening economic and trade cooperation between China and Malaysia under the RCEP.

"Malaysia is one of the important export destinations for Chinese tea." Tan Kee Hock, vice president of Malaysia Tea Association, said that in 2022, the export of Chinese tea to Malaysia reached 9300 tons, an increase of 27.93 percent, and the export volume reached 284.71 million USD, an increase of 10.94 percent.

Enjoying a long history of tea production, Guangdong always works as an important base for Chinese tea to export to the overseas market. "The tasting event featured products from a dozen Guangdong-based tea enterprises from Chaozhou, Qingyuan, Jiangmen, Jieyang, Meizhou, Heyuan and Shaoguan," Xu Xiaoming, a representative of the enterprises, explained. He expected that the attendees could seek out their favorite tea among the rich varieties.

"I come from Zhuhai and have been living in Malaysia for more than five years. Guangdong tea reminds me of my memories in my hometown," said Song Liquan, a Malaysian tea purchaser. He added that Malaysia is a multicultural country and the locals love many kinds of teas. "I believe that Guangdong tea has a broad market in Malaysia."

Reporter | Nancy Ye

Editors | Olivia, Steven, Abby, Jerry

Photos provided to GDToday

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