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People make wishes to blossoms for good luck in the new year

According to folklore, the fourth day of the first lunar month is the day to welcome back the Kitchen God. In addition to waiting for Kitchen God at home, residents will go out with their families and friends to wish for good luck.

Many parks in Guangzhou have launched flower-themed installations during the Spring Festival. GDToday reporters saw crowds of visitors taking photos with flowers for good luck at Baiyun Mountain Park.

Peach blossoms are favored by people in Guangdong Province because they symbolize a good marriage. The "red peach (Chinese: 红桃)" is also a homonym for "Hongtu (Chinese: 宏图)" in Cantonese, meaning "great success". The 2023 Chinese New Year is earlier than usual, and the peach blossoms in Baiyun Mountain are not yet in full bloom. Still, many residents come to pray for good luck.

"I hope in the new year, people will be rich and successful. And the country will enjoy peace and security," a man said with great confidence for the Year of the Rabbit. "Don't worry, flowers will not be late and everything will be fine," another visitor said with a smile.

Reporter | Guo Minxun, Qin Shaolong 

Editor | Wing, Will, Ariel

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