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Temple fair, authentic CNY experience in Teochew

Built in the Northern Song Dynasty, the Qinglong Ancient Temple is located in Chaozhou city of Guangdong by the Hanjiang river. The Temple has a large-scale temple fair during the first month of every year, which features Chaozhou folk customs and has been an important ritual of the Chinese New Year.

For example, the performance of Chaozhou gongs and drums at the temple fair is a unique expression of Chaozhou culture. The performance can be dated back to the Ming Dynasty and delivers happiness of the harvest and expectations for the future.

Chaozhou is one of the most important ports of the ancient Maritime Silk Road. The Qinglong Ancient Temple which was previously called Ang Chee Sia Ong Temple is close to the ancient port. In the past, most people from eastern Guangdong visited the temple and prayed for safety before they took a ship to earn their living in Southeast Asia, which is the reason why the temple fair of Teochew culture has spread to countries including Singapore, Malaysia and the US.

Video: Zhao Yang, Xie Miaofeng, Wang Yongxing, Jasmine

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