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Boss Talk | We can achieve 50% of annual purchases at Canton Fair: Managing Director of Schneider Consumer Asia

"We are actually buying for the second half of the year, and we have a strong demand for small domestic appliances and large appliances," said Christophe Bénard, Managing Director of Schneider Consumer Asia. "The Chinese manufacturers are making a great effort to launch new products with less energy consumption," he added. Bénard is going to attend the first phase of the 134th Canton Fair held from October 15 to 19 this year, to seek more suppliers of electric products.

Founded in 1934, Schneider Consumer Group is a leading French-based cross-border brand known for its various high-quality electric items and appliances. Hong Kong-based Schneider Consumer Asia, one of its subsidiaries, which Christophe Bénard serves, works to develop products designed in France, supervise subcontracting and manage maritime logistics.

"I think during Canton Fair, we can achieve about 50 % of our total purchase in April and in October," Bénard said, highlighting that Canton Fair is a very important event for their company. "It's a time that we meet our factories, we meet our partners, we discuss price, we discuss new products."

Christophe Bénard has been in China for 25 years since 1998. He noted many changes and improvements happening at the Canton Fair every year, such as more categories of high-quality products, more exhibitions, optimized transportation and accommodations.

Bénard also mentioned that China's low inflation and controlled costs have greatly helped the country's development. "So we can see the power of China, because in this difficult time in the world economy, China can continue to grow," he furthered.

Reporter | Nancy Ye

Video | Eastbrook

Poster | Mia

Editors | Olivia, Nan, Monica, Abby, James

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