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Foreign Organization

2022-01-17 13:06:56
On the evenings of November 12 and 14, a music festival named Fete De La Musique, one of the highlights of Festival Croisements, was held at the Parc Pearl River, in Guangzhou.
2021-11-17 09:48:15
​British Consulate-General in Guangzhou hosted the UK-Southern China Climate Change Conference with the theme of “Pathway to COP26 and Beyond”. This Conference coincides with COP26 to be held in Glasgow, to further UK-China dialogue in climate change.
2021-10-29 10:56:43

GD Expats

Shenzhen Goverment Online launch three new versions today (November 8), in French, Japanese, and Korean respectively.
2021-11-08 18:29:39
Guangzhou will strive to build a comprehensive education system for children of foreign expatriates during the 14th Five-Year Plan period (2021-2025), including schools for children of foreign personnel, Sino-foreign cooperatively-run schools and projects in the elementary education stage, and international characteristic private schools.
2021-11-03 11:52:53
Dim sum is one of the best-known Cantonese delicacies. On October 16, a group of 30 expats, from Greece, Japan, the United States, Yemen, and 8 other countries, got hands-on experience of making dim sum pastries.
2021-10-18 10:15:42
Today is the Mid-Autumn Festival, how are you celebrating this traditional festival? A group of expats celebrated the festival by making mooncakes together, tasting Cantonese dim sum and learning abou
2021-09-21 10:40:17

Food & Health

Pre-prepared Cantonese cuisine ready to serve beyond Guangdong

As the birthplace of Cantonese cuisine and one of the representatives of Chinese cuisine, Guangdong has always been known for its fine craftsmanship and rich flavors.
2021-11-22 19:22:02
Being surrounded by the aroma of Brazilian coffee beans that have traveled over 10 thousand kilometers, a Brazilian coffee-cupping event was unveiled in the Consulate General of Brazil in Guangzhou, attracting local buyers in Guangdong and coffee lovers to come and have a taste.
2021-11-05 11:31:37
Starting from September 2022, girls under the age of 14 who have newly entered the first grade of junior high school and have not been vaccinated with HPV vaccine can receive HPV vaccine for free.
2021-10-27 16:58:39

Language Learning

2020-01-15 09:58:43
If we gave you your first pot of gold, what would you invest the money in? Would you spend it frivolously, or make wise investment choices?
2019-07-31 16:49:21
This is the Sunac Snow Park! It is a 75,000-square-meter indoor ski resort with a total of 1km of ski slopes, including four ski runs with different gradients, the longest of which is 460 meters.
2019-07-23 15:34:31

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