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Summertime happiness at the South China National Botanical Garden

Taste garlic-flavored leaves, get into a hollow tree, touch the most poisonous tree in the world... Last week, expats from Greece, the USA, and the UK visited the South China National Botanical Garden for these special experience. Guided by Wang Ying, director of the garden's Horticultural Center, they tried the highlights under this stunning garden.

Come and have a wonderful journey in the South China National Botanical Garden with them!

China's second national botanical garden—South China National Botanical Garden—was officially inaugurated in Guangzhou on July 11. With a planned area of 319 hectares and 17,168 species of ex-situ protected plants, the national botanical garden features scientific botanical research, ex-situ conservation, and ecological leisure tourism.

The garden aims to protect over 20,000 species of plants, including 6,000 species of economic plants. 95% of rare and endangered species in South China will be ex-situ conserved.

According to Wang, the botanical garden will further strengthen international exchanges and cooperation.

"We have signed an agreement with Columbia University to jointly build a laboratory for international botanical research. In the future, we will conduct plant resource surveys, go on field trips, and collect specimens around the world."

In terms of talent exchanges, the garden plans to recruit more international talent for researches.

"The botanical garden has also organized some international training courses and activities, mainly attended by students and university teachers from South American countries and Southeast Asian countries, as well as officials from these countries' forestry and agriculture departments," Wang added.

Author: Ariel, Tonny & Jolie (intern)

Video: Qin Shaolong, Eastbrook, Alice

Editor: Wing, Olivia, Monica, Jerry

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