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Welcome all people to explore real Kung Fu in Foshan: Danish martial artist

"Kleber is the first one we brought here to Guangdong to experience local martial arts after the pandemic. Later this year there will be more, and we will continue to do so." Jesper Lundqvist, a martial artist from Denmark, said at the "My Guangdong Story" Sharing Event in Guangzhou on May 5. Standing next to him is Kleber Battaglia, an Italian who has met several Wing Chun masters to explore what real Kung Fu is in Guangdong' Foshan recently.

Jesper Lundqvist, a martial artist from Denmark.

Kleber Battaglia, a martial arts enthusiast from Italy.

More than 100 Chinese and foreign guests, content creators, and students from Guangdong universities told their Guangdong stories during the event.

Together with Japanese documentary director Ryo Takeuchi, representatives of the cast and crew of "My Guangdong Story" micro-documentary also attended the event. The documentary series was co-produced by GDToday and Ryo Takeuchi's team. Lundqvist, the protagonist of the first episode "My Guangdong Story | Danish martial artist's Kung Fu life in Foshan", shared his passion for martial arts with Ryo Takeuchi and all audiences.

Around 2004, Lundqvist came to China for the first time and took a few days of introductory courses in Foshan city of Guangdong province to learn Wing Chun, a martial arts style. The explosive power of Wing Chun struck a chord with him. He was fascinated by this martial art. In 2012, Lundqvist decided to give up his business in Denmark to settle in Foshan, and became a promoter of Chinese Kung Fu.

During the sharing session, Lundqvist compared Kung Fu to food. "Kung Fu is like the food. The food is very good, but we will never know until we actually taste it. Therefore, the only way for us to truly appreciate Kung Fu is to experience it."

Over the past few years, Lundqvist has received many people who came to Foshan from around the world with a desire to learn Kung Fu. He introduced them to the local Kung Fu masters, real Chinese Kung Fu, and local culture as well.

According to Lundqvist, Foshan is the preeminent birthplace of Southern styles of Chinese martial arts. Over 50 types of martial arts still exist here nowadays, and there are over 10,000 martial arts practitioners and more than 100,000 people involved in martial arts exercises.

Kleber Battaglia from Italy is such a martial arts enthusiast. He came to Foshan to find different "flavors" of Kung Fu under the guidance of Lundqvist. "Lundqvist had introduced me to some Kung Fu masters, so that we can really taste all these different kind of flavors of Kung Fu, and find what real Kung Fu is. Those old masters are still very awesome. They still can kick us!" Kleber raved.

Battaglia once studied martial arts in Shanghai. This journey allowed him to feel the charm of different martial arts, as well as the cuisine and culture of different regions of China.

Lundqvist emphasized that he plans to bring more people to Guangdong to learn about Kung Fu, and publish some videos featuring different aspects of Kung Fu on overseas social platforms.

"I was very surprised to see that my documentary was viewed by so many people and has received so many comments and feedback!" Lundqvist laughed. He hopes that through this work, people can better understand the traditional Chinese martial arts and better appreciate Chinese Kung Fu.

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Author: Ariel, Holly

Editor: Wing, Steven, Monica, Jerry

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