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Top 12 Jiangmen pre-prepared dishes for your quick-yet-quality meals

2022-Mar-11       Source: newsgd.com

On March 7, 12 pre-prepared dishes from Guangdong's Jiangmen, a famous hometown of overseas Chinese, were officially released, integrating the freshest ingredients with authentic Jiangmen flavors.

On March 7, 12 pre-prepared dishes from Guangdong's Jiangmen, a famous hometown of overseas Chinese, were officially released, integrating the freshest ingredients with authentic Jiangmen flavors.

The 12 dishes are divided into three series: Tangerine Peel series, Magang Goose (马冈鹅) series, and Typical Jiangmen Flavor series.

Tangerine Peel series includes Tangerine Peel Duck (陈皮八宝鸭), Tangerine Peel Duck Soup (陈皮水鸭汤), and Tangerine Peel Shrimp (陈皮对虾).

Magang Goose (马冈鹅) series includes Gujing Roasted Goose (古井烧鹅), Magang Soy-poached Goose (马冈豉油鹅), Salt Baked Magang Goose (盐焗马冈鹅), and Marinated Goose Feet and Wings (卤水鹅掌翼).

Typical Jiangmen Flavor series includes Taishan Roast Eel (台山烤鳗), Braised Chicken with Black Bean Sauce (豉油麻黄鸡), Taishan Golden Oyster (台山金蚝), Taishan Drunken Crab (醉美台山蟹) and Jiangmen Zongzi (侨乡裹粽), a traditional Chinese rice-pudding.

Among these tasty foods, Taishan golden oyster is famous for its milky white color and plump meat. However, due to the time-consuming production process, it is difficult for people in other regions to cook the same taste.

"Based on more than ten years of canned goods production experience, we have developed the final formula and sterilization method of pre-made Taishan golden oyster after repeated trials. We will also continuously adjust the formula according to customers' feedback," said Li Zhongbin, general manager of Jiangmen Jiangfan Aquatic Products Factory Ltd.

According to Li, the shelf life of pre-cooked dishes can be more than 2 years.

In recent years, pre-prepared dishes have gained momentum in China and Jiangmen plans to establish a pre-prepared dish industry alliance as well as to conduct research on the whole industry chain, striving to build a global distribution center for pre-prepared dishes.

Author | Ariel, Tonny (intern)

Editor | Wing, Monica, Jerry

Editor: Ariel

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