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Center in Shekou helps 240 expats register temporary residence

2017-Aug-14       Source: Szdaily.com

In about one and a half months, the Shekou Management and Service Center for Expats helped around 240 expats register with police, said Yang Yan, director of the center, yesterday.

In about one and a half months, the Shekou Management and Service Center for Expats helped around 240 expats register with police, said Yang Yan, director of the center, yesterday.

The center is a local government office that aims to serve expat communities in Shekou, with missions including temporary accommodation registration, inquiry, community activity and more.

“Since our center opened June 28, the center has helped 240 foreigners register their temporary residence and answered various questions for more than 80 foreigners. Besides that, we have also invited more than 75 foreigners to participate in local community events,” said the director.

The center is operated by the Shekou Subdistrict Office and authorized by the Exit-Entry Administration of the Nanshan Public Security Sub-bureau, with English-speaking staff hired from a third-party social work agency.

According to the original plan, the center serves expatriate residents who live in the areas under the jurisdictions of the Shekou Police Station and Shenzhenwan Police Station, but for the last one and half months, only residents living in the areas under the Shekou Police Station were eligible to register at the center.

Based on Chinese regulations, foreigners (or the persons who accommodate them) who reside or stay in accommodations other than hotels must register the address where they are staying with the local police within 24 hours of their arrival. Those who live in hotels can register at the hotel reception.

The questions received by the center, according to Yang, were mainly about life in Shenzhen. “Most of the questions we got concerned the expats’ lives here, such as owning pets, using electric bikes, getting a driver’s license, international marriage and so on,” said Yang.

Apart from the police registration and consulting services, the center also organizes community activities for expats. So far, approximately 75 expat residents have participated in the activities.

“We have held lectures on Chinese laws, talent shows, cultural events and parent-child activities, and we will have more in the coming months,” Yang told the Shenzhen Daily yesterday.

The center is located at the intersection of Nanshui Street and Shiyun Road, in Shekou Subdistrict of Nanshan District. The office hours are from Monday to Friday, 9 a.m.-12 p.m. and 2-6 p.m.


Frequently asked questions

1. Other situations

a. If you invite your family or friend to come over, or if you give birth, they also need to register.

*For birth registration of foreign infants born in Shenzhen, please check this link


b. Even though you have registered in other cities, if you plan to stay in Shenzhen for over 24 hours, you still need to register.


2. Documents needed for registration

(1) First-time registration

a. Passport (original and photocopy of passport photo page, current visa and latest entry stamp).

b. one photo (2 inches).

c. Lease contract (original and photocopy).

d. Others if any (eg. Work certificate, birth certificate for foreign infants born in Shenzhen).

(2) Registration renewal

a. Passport (if information is on 2 or more different passports, please bring all).

b. Related files to support the renewal (eg. new lease contract for changing address).

*These are based on the procedure in Shekou Police Station. Other police stations’ requirements may be subtly different, please check with local staff.


3. Who can come to register at Shekou Management and Service Center for Expats?

Those who live in the police subdivision of Shekou Police Station (like Coastal Rose Garden, Peninsula…).

If you are not sure where you should go, you can ask your landlord, your property management office or our center.


4. How to check if your registration is still valid?

“Visa expiry date” on the registration form means the registration expiry date.


5. When should you renew the registration?

When the registered item in a foreigner’s passport (including new passport, new visa/ resident permit, new address, new duration, etc) has changed, the holder shall go to the local police station where they reside to renew the registration.

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