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New checkpoint to cut Shenzhen-Hong Kong travel time to 5 minutes

The new Huanggang checkpoint is expected to finish construction in 2026. By then, the customs clearance time from Shenzhen to Hong Kong will be cut from 20 minutes to just 5 minutes, according to Shenzhen's port authorities.

[Photo: Nanfang Plus]

Adopting the "joint inspection, and one-time release" customs-clearance mode, the new checkpoint will greatly facilitate infrastructure connectivity and personnel exchange against the backdrop of developing the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (GBA).

Covering a total area of 689,700 square meters, the checkpoint kicked off construction in May 2021. So far, it has completed the foundation ditch, exterior support structure and column piles. Next, it will press ahead with the main structure building.

Since the reopening of Shenzhen-Hong Kong boundary control points on January 8, there has been an increasing need for family visits, tourism and businesses between the two places, promoting capital flow and accelerating the integrated development of Shenzhen, Hong Kong as well as the whole GBA.

According to the official statistics, the exit-entry passenger throughput at the various checkpoints in Shenzhen reached 75.26 million from January 8 to August 6 this year, an average of 360,000 per day. Among them, 52.57 million passengers were from Hong Kong, accounting for 70 percent of the total. 

Reporter | Fanny, Rina (Intern)

Editor | Olivia, Monica, Jerry  

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