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Update | Int'l flight schedules of domestic and foreign airlines in June

Recently, a number of domestic and foreign airlines released their latest flight schedules for June.

Here are the details:

Domestic Airlines

China Southern Airlines

In June, the international and regional flights of China Southern Airlines are scheduled as follows:

China Eastern Airlines and Shanghai Airlines

From June, the international flights of China Eastern are scheduled as follows:

Hainan Airlines

Shenzhen Airlines

From June 11, the added routes from Shenzhen to Bangkok are as follows:

Foreign Airlines

Kuwait Airways

From June 19, Kuwait Airways will operate three regular flights from Kuwait to Guangzhou.

British Airways

The London-Beijing international flight was resumed on June 3.

Air France

Singapore Airlines

Asiana Airlines

Delta Air Lines

These arrangements may be subject to change. For those planning to travel, please check your destination's latest information before departure.

(All data are cited from the official notice of the above airlines.)

Author | Fanny, Poster (Intern)

Editor | Wing, Steven, Abby, James

Photo provided to GDToday

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