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Zhuhai Airport Express adds new stop at Hengqin Port

Starting from August 23, the Zhuhai Airport-Hengqin express route will be adjusted and a new stop at Hengqin Port will be added.


Here are the details:

Zhuhai Airport-Hengqin Port: Zhuhai Airport, Zhuhai College of Science and Technology (campus service station), Anji intersection bus station, Chimelong Spaceship Hotel, Chimelong Circus Hotel, Hengqin Bay Hotel, Chimelong Penguin Hotel, Hengqin Port. 

Hengqin Port-Zhuhai Airport: Hengqin Port, Chimelong Penguin Hotel, Hengqin Bay Hotel, Chimelong Circus Hotel, Chimelong Spaceship Hotel, Zhuhai College of Science and Technology (in front of the Yinxing Mountain Villa), Zhuhai Airport. 

Passengers can buy tickets through WeChat or at the ticket counter. The mini-program of Zhuhai Airport Express offers ticket service and passengers can buy tickets 15 days in advance.

 [Mini-program code]

The newly-added stop is located at the L2, south platform of Hengqin Port. Passengers can reach the pick-up area through the South Gate 2.

The express schedules are as follows:

Reporter | Fanny, Rina (Intern) 

Editor | Wing, Nan, Will, Jerry  

Photos provided to GDToday 

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